Just exercise!

Just exercise!

I recently passed Day 80 of my journey to 70 kilograms which is no mean feat and I expect set backs, challenges and positives. At Day 80 i had lost nearly 7 kilos, lost 12cm from my waist, 4cm from my boobs, walked over 110 kilometres and about 14 kilometres a week. Happy with my results, always want more, but focussing on progress!
I spoke in my last post about how for most of my journey in dealing with and recovering from mental illness professionals said if I exercised I would feel better, i wouldn’t be as depressed, anxious and would sleep better.
Part of my journey to 70 kilograms i have started walking, not every day, but at least 3 times a week, sometimes more. Despite this my insomnia is still ongoing, if at times worse, and I swear that my anxiety is so much worse since I started exercising, particularly in the hours/days following exercise.
Exercise they said would are me feel better. Yes I feel better when I see the cm’s and kilo’s go but I don’t see it at all helping my insomnia, anxiety and to some extent mental health……
I keep asking myself why when I am doing everything I am told does my body and mind keep punishing me and not allowing the good I am doing to improve my physical and mental health!


One thought on “Just exercise!

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