Day 1 of the #journeyto70kg

Today was the official start of my journey to 70kg.  It will be long and it will be hard work and I am sure there will be days when I will want to give up but when I get there I will look back on the journey and know I am a better person for it and to do so shows strength, empowerment and determination.  

Day 1 went to plan.  I ate below my 34 ponts for my weight watchers program and I walked 36 minutes, which ended up being exactly 3 kilometres.  I set a goal today to walk the 8km at the Mother’s Day Classic. If i set achieveable targets then I can focus on small steps with light between the big end of the tunnel.  I need to work on more goals and some rewards for myself when I get to each of those goals.

One thing that gets to me though is how easy it is for families to eat badly when fruit and vegetables are so expensive.  My husband and I bought our groceries last night for about 5 days.  The fruit and vegetables when through the teller first and came to $120, just for fruit and vegetables.  Any wonder why so many families are fighting the bulg, no average family can afford that, any wonder families resort to take away meals and cheap food that is usually unhealthy.  Its a disgrace!

I ask hoping with daily exercise and a gradual decrease in weight that I my insomnia will reduce and I will be able to get decent sleep.  Insomnia hampers my ability to do so much on a daily basis, if I can eliminate that I would be so grateful.

So i have 1 month and 24 days to build up my walking to be able to successfully complete the 8km Mothers Day Classic and hopefully by then I would have shed a few kilograms as well…….


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