A new destination

In the last 18 months my life has veered onto a road of not just recovery but of happiness, something that I haven’t experienced for most of my life. I never thought I would get here, but I did.

The last four months I got engaged to my soul mate and will marry him in October, 2015. It feels so surely, I never thought I would meet anyone let alone someone who could love me the way he does, who is not just devoted but completely committed to me and our life together. I

I then started a new job with the local council in emergency management work for and with my community. No more two hour train journeys, a easy 10 minute drive.

Tomorrow (Sunday) I do something I have never done before, I travel overseas to New Zealand all on my own. The soul mate and I haven’t been apart since we first met, so that will be a challenge. I am going to be attending the and hosted by University of Canterbury as an international student as part of my Masters of Emergency Management. The one week program will involve study and lectures of the Christchurch earthquake that had a catastrophic impact upon Christchurch, NZ in February, 2011. I am felled with anxiety at the moment but I am also excited and so grateful that I have been offered this experience.

I have been reading a book recommended by the university Ripped Apart, which was written by Christchurch’s Mayor at the time of the earthquake and who headed up the response and recovery of the countries biggest disaster. This book has left me feeling quiet overwhelmed by what this city has been through. Literally going from a large city in the developed world to that featuring aspects of the third world in a matter of minutes. I can’t imagine such horrific and deeply sad circumstances for the many people affected by this disaster. Family homes and business were destroyed, those that still stood were damaged, most were left with no electricity, gas, water, most did not have access to a toilet.

For a family this seems just unimaginable and how they got through these circumstances I don’t know. For children it must have had insurmountable affects on them. Such harsh circumstances for families.

In tune with my blog Sad Mum Happy Mum I will write on my experience in Christchurch from a Mum’s perspective.


One thought on “A new destination

  1. I have a blogging friend who lives in New Zealand, and often talks about the strength of her community. I can’t wait to hear what you experience! I am so happy that you are in a great place! I’m getting closer. Best wishes on you upcoming wedding!

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