Where Is The Warmth Of Happiness?

How do you find your way,
When you have no map.
How do you see a future, 
When there are no dreams,
How do you smile,
When happiness is absent.
How do you see the daylight,
When the sun is drenched in a dark fog.
Who dries your tears,
When nobody sees you cry.
Who stops you falling, 
When nobody sees you fall.
How do you feel comfort,
When nobody hears you screams.
How do you get help,
When nobody asks R U OK?.
How do you heal,
When you, as the sufferer, cant admit your in pain.
Where do you hide the scars,
When your sleeves aren’t long enough.
When do find your purpose,
When you no longer have a plan.
Where is your identity,
When what you aren’t takes you from this world.
Where is your smile,
When all you feel is sadness.
Who is your friend,
When your in a world all alone.
How do you move forward,
When the power is pulling you back.

I have no map to find my way,
I no longer have dreams to give me purpose,
I struggle to feel happiness because my world is in sadness,
I feel so many tears but never the comfort,
I scream, I shout, but nobody hears me,
I hurt, I bleed, but I cannot feel pain,
I am a nobody, my identity has gone, I am just a body,
I have no smile, no friends, I am all alone,
I am stuck in transit, no way forward, no way back,
I have no answer, no plan, 
I can’t heal, I cant find happiness,
I don’t have dreams, they don’t come true,
I have no friends, there is nobody around,
I feel so empty, void of pursuit, all cried out,
I crave the other side, that I see in everyone else,
I want a new me, who wants to live instead of just existing,
I just want to be me, to smile, to feel the warmth that is happiness.


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