It is becoming all that is me…..

It threatens to take me every day
Days without sunshine
Shrouded in deep dark fog
It swallows me up
I can’t find my way
I feel like I am being taken out by the tide
Too weak to fight the oceans wrath
I wish for happiness 
Only feel deep sadness
A smile I should feel
Tears are what fall
The noise around me is unbearable
The constant presence of the Black Dog
He steals my heart
Robs me of my strength
There is only darkness
I try to distract myself
To avoid the pain
But the Black Dog only finds me
It doesn’t need a map
I am easy to find
I am a target on depressions radar
My days drag on forever
The nights are full of nightmares
I am left with doubts
All I want is too walk away
Yet I feel so obligated to continue
I want to give up
But the support I have keeps me going
Happiness is just a dream
A feeling I can’t grasp
Where is the break
The freedom from this hell
I want the peace
That those around me feel
I crave the need for happiness
But all I feel is the force of depression
It’s like I am drowning
I can no longer breathe
It’s suffocating
It strangles me 
I am being dragged into the depths
The light is going out
The force is too much
I am too weak
It is taking me down
Down where I can no longer be
The depression is all I feel
It is becoming all that is me

Monday 17th March 2014


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