Friends but your disconnected and alone…..

I never thought that I would hear from a friend who thought that she was alone through school and that through out our school life she was a shadow… did I, how did we feel the same but feel so disconnected, even way back then….

But I did….

It was totally heatrbreaking that someone that I thought I knew, someone I thought I was, I wasn’t and those I thought I was close to I wasn’t, I read about how you felt like a shadow, how you felt so alone and I keep saying me too….but my hardest thoughts to deal with is despite our friendship how did I not know?….

I never thought I would be the one who had a friend who was completely alone….we all think that if something was wrong with a friend that we would know…I have now realised that this is not the case.

I was never a bully, a popular one in the group, I wasn’t in the loop, I was just me….I was just alone with friends just on the edges of my life. After everything I have been through I never in a million years thought that I wasn’t there for someone that I thought I was friends with.

It just shows that despite friendship many of us are completely disconnected and isolated from each other. Just because you have friends doesn’t mean you aren’t completely alone.

What we can take from this is even if you are the best of friends it so important to ask each other R U OK?, because often they aren’t ok and they feel alone because they don’t feel that they can talk about what is happening and how they are feeling.


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