One day…..

One day I will know your happiness
The clouds, the fog will subside
One day I will feel your spirit for life
Be rescued from the ocean that treading water becomes life
One day I will be like you
Without the pain, the darkness and the sadness
One day I will know what it is to be ok
At peace, one with the world, happy
One day you won’t need to rescue me
I will rescue myself from the terror and the darkness
One day like you I will feel the sun upon my face
Escaped from the darkness that plagues my world
One day I will feel your drive for life
I will learn the way and learn to drive
One day I will be on the highway of life with you
No longer trudging the cliff, trying to balance when it would be easy just to fall
One day you will smile
And I will smile with you
One day I will be with you
Without the struggle and the storm that surrounds my life
One day you will see me in a different light
I would have shifted from your shadow to the front as your leader
One day you will know my pain has passed
I will be back from the lost existence I have only known
One day you won’t just have a shadow
You will have my life back from the brink
One day you won’t feel alone
I will be there by your side living instead of just existing
In the mean time my love just be you that I know
One day I will be there and life will be new for us both

Sunday 9th February 2014


3 thoughts on “One day…..

  1. I’m a nurse and over the years I’ve worked with people who have a mental illness, I thought I had some understanding as to what it is like, but your writing has given me a new insight into your world.
    I hope you realise what a great gift for words that you have

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