I am it’s captor…..

I long for these shackles that tie me to my darkness to be broken
I hope that the tied that is drowning my soul will recede
I pray that my mind is cleared of its troubles so I can again see
I want to pass through this fog that keeps me trapped in my thoughts
I wish for a better tomorrow away from my painful yesterday’s

I cannot change who I have become
My past has shaped who I am
My pain has given me strength
My suffering has hardened my heart
To say no to me has brought me passion
Can’t has bred in me the determination of I can

No matter who I have become
I can’t change what my past has been
How much I remain it’s captor
Kidnapped by an insidious illness
That has left me vulnerable to its strong hold
That keeps me too weak to stop my constant falls

There is no sunshine when darkness descends upon me
There is no color when the fog shrouds me
There is no life boat as I tred water in my troubled sea
There is no hope and no peace from what lingers beneathe
There is a tomorrow, better i don’t know, it is just there that is all I know

Wednesday 5th February 2014


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