You just have to get through the hard stuff first…..

“It’s gonna get harder before it gets easier but it will get better, you just got to make it through the hard stuff first…” – Unknown

If someone had of told me in my years through struggling to survive with depression that I would be on a road to recovery, again working, and most of the time functioning today I would never have believed you. I have been in a pretty bad place for many years, while I am threw the worst of it (touch wood), the journey has been extremely hard with a insidious illness that is not only unforgiving but what feels like an endless battle against yourself and the demons that take you. It definitely got very hard before it got any easier and I was able to say that I was beginning a road of recovery rather than on a road of suffering.

Most people that have no understanding of depression would think that once diagnosed you would just take a tablet and you would return to being healthy. For some this may be true, but for many the road to healthy living is filled with obstacles that pop up constantly and setting you back in your recovery. For me it definitely got a lot harder before it got easy, but I did get through and I can now say that I am a lot healthier with the occasional bad days.

I have written a number of posts for my blog about the trials and tribulations of my road to getting better so I want repeat them all here, but what I will do is provide you with the link to the relevant posts and a brief description about each one. I believe by telling my experience I am providing a greater awareness about what it means to live with depression, as well as providing hope and strength to those who are suffering from depression that there is a way out, and that you can reach a level of wellness and health to regain your life.

‘Trials and tribulations of depression medications’ – is the journey I took in trying to find medications that assisted me in managing my depression and how it wasn’t as simple as being prescribed an anti-depressant and then I was back up and running. It took time, countless different medications, combinations of two or more at any given time, and the affects they have had on me.

‘Electro Convulsive Therapy (ECT) the impact on me’ – is an account of my experience being treated with ECT how on one hand it lifted my mood but on the other hand left me with big black holes in my memory of the last three years due to the retrograde amnesia that resulted.

‘Getting the conversation started with R U OK?’ – While this post does not talk about a fundamental aspect of recovery it does highlight the importance and the role that asking someone if they R U OK?, and starting a conversation about how they are feeling can make such a difference to someone suffering from depression and how it can be the start of finding the strength to find help to get better.

‘One step forward in combating social anxiety’ – Social anxiety has plagued me for a long time, it has caused me to miss out on things, lose friends, and caused me a lot of discomfort. This post talks about my social anxiety and my slow process in trying to combat it one step at a time.

‘Love has made me rich’ – this post talks about how finding my soul mate and true love it has changed my life. While falling love hasn’t been a direct reason for my recovery it has provided me with one thing that had been missing from my life for many years and which contributed heavily to my level of depression and reasons why recovery was so incredibly hard.

‘Finding the courage to keep going’ – talks about my recovery journey as a whole and how I have found somewhere in me a sense of courage and belief to keep going along this journey, to move from very ill to being able to live with depression and feeling better more than I am sick.

There are many posts that I have made that talks about my journey with depression and how I have reached some level of recovery, not sure at what level I am up to yet. I hope the posts that I have talked about in this post can provide you with some background and some hope in getting through the hardest part of your fight against depression. It isn’t easy at all, many people will not understand, and finding the right treatment that suits you can be quiet hard but if there is one thing that I have learnt through my long journey is not too give up, keep trying any treatment that is offered because there is something out there that will help you get through this.


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