To busy to stop and smell the roses…..

Every work day I leave home at 6.30am, spend eight hours at work, then get home at 6.30pm. The rest of the time, nearly three hours I spend travelling on trains. I am always intrigued with the human behaviour of train commuters. Public transport brings out the worst in people, not just in behaving badly but in their constant need to rush, at full speed constantly, and with this speed comes hustle and bustle, that causes arguments, accidents, and plain rudeness.

It appears that it is inherent in train travellers to have to go as fast as you can, always running one minute to late to catch the train, forcing doors open, delaying trains, everything is such a hurry. People lose their manners, men lose common chivalry, women turn into bitches, students are loud and obnoxious, and every child seems to be either screaming or crying. There is no patience, nothing is casual, there are definitely no manners.

Are we are all so extremely busy we lose our own identity, our personality in the world where you run to get a train to work, sprint to get one home, push and shove for a seat, commit road rage to get a car park or get out of the car park. The world is going so fast, so out of control that nobody has time to stop and smell the roses, too caught up in rush hour to feel at peace, relaxed.

Any wonder people are stressed, over tired, not sleeping.

If there not rushing, pushing, arguing, and all the non-human behaviour that train commuters are renown for, they are frantically typing on their laptops, iPads, and smart phones. Before they get to work, and after they leave they are all absorbed in technology, work, and keeping up. There is no 9-5 anymore, it’s a constant commitment, a never ending cycle of stressors.

Any wonder people have a shorter life expectancy, at risk of burn out, and other illnesses, and diseases that end your life early.

Then there are the few who hustle and bustle book in hand, music in their ears, entrenched in their own world of fiction, and music. Closed off from those around them, an individual amongst the crowd.

In life we are so caught up in the moment, hurrying from a-b, being on time, running late, rushing, getting everything done, that we are forgetting to be human, we are ignoring the beauty around us, the people and things that fill our day. We are so caught up in technology, impressing bosses beyond the eight hour day that we are working ourselves into a grind, too busy to just live for the moment, and step back for a minute and just observe.

Our culture, our society has become a world of individualism, where we ignore the person next to us, instead of saying ‘good morning’, we give a glare or we are so focused that we don’t even see the people around us. We are so busy, we walk past the blind man that can’t find his way to his train, or the elderly person standing in the aisle too scared to ask for a seat, or we are in such a hurry that we can’t even wait a couple of seconds while people exit the train before we enter. It’s a sad culture, no collectivism, so chivalry where a man would give a seat to a lady, or where a student would get up their seat for the 80 year old Grandma with a walking stick, most of us are in such a hurry that we fail to take a breadth, and see the beauty around us.

And at the end of that working week, we all collapse in a heap, fall into deep sleep because we have finally taken the time to stop, and smell the roses. We have taken in our surrounds, seen our kids, played with them and laughed. We become a different person, from the train commuter and the selfish and ignorant to see around you, to being the Dad who all of a sudden has time for his kids, and time to be human.

This is not a life, it is just an existence to get by each day, destined for an early death because our bodies won’t be able to handle the constant stress.


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