Dreams, sorrows, and wisdom…….

“Dreams are about making us live life to the fullest, sorrows are about learning who we are, and wisdom is what we achieve from experiencing both.” – Unknown

We all dream. As a little girl I dreamt I would grow up to marry a Prince, when I was a teen I dreamt I would marry a tall, handsome man, live in a house behind the white picket fence with 2.5 kids, when I was a young adult I dreamt of a successful career, and escaping the cheating and abusive husband that tormented me daily, and then as an middle aged adult I dreamt of being healthy, no mortgage and a secure future. As I have got older I have dreamt less, and lived in reality more. Most of my dreams as I have got older have not come true, and I have battled to chase the few dreams I have left.

We all suffer some sorrows in our lives, we don’t want them, but most are not within our control. When I was little my sorrows were over lost or broken toys, as a teenager while most were being dumped by the hottest kid in school I was suffering at the hands of bullies, as a young adult I missed out on a uni place because my Mother wouldn’t allow it, as I have grown to be an adult I have lost family and friends to ill health or lost relationships, left jobs, and become really sick. As we age sorrow becomes more produced, affecting us more deeply – some will lose a lifelong partner, a child or a home, their superannuation, or unfortunately become sick with a long term illness or disease. Our sorrows become more prominent, long term as we age, so much more to lose, to miss, and to mourn.

Wisdom is born from lost or lived dreams, and the sorrows that help us mature and realise the true meaning of our lives. We use our wisdom to grow as people, to dream more realistically, plan a sustainable future, have a loving and long term marriage. Our wisdom grows with our life time of experiences. We learn from our mistakes and develop from our successes.

When you live with depression, however, you want to dream but you are filled with nightmares. Your sorrows are deep and imposing, darkening the future with a deep fog, closing the doors to opportunities, and surrounding us with sorrow that infiltrates our present, our past and our future. Wisdom comes when we start our journey down the road to recovery, we can see what has caused us so much pain, we can avoid our failures and live for our future, embrace those who have stood by us, and live so much wiser, prepared to take on what life delivers.

With recovery I can take the dreams broken by depression and slowly put them back together, with recovery comes the hope that my dreams can come true. With recovery the pain that sorrow has ingrained in my soul can slowly heal with time, and I can take sorrow and turn it into courage to face and live for the future. From depression and my journey along the road to recovery I have taken my dreams, my sorrow and believed in me, building my own sense of wisdom that will help me grow, and recover, learn from the barriers I hit, adjust to the hurdles I must jump, and celebrate achievements that severe depression had previously taken from me.

As people living with depression, the road is hard, the fog becomes thicker as it descends, and fewer doors may be open, but we can all take a little piece of our future and step toward our dreams. We can use our depression to live beyond our sorrows, and with recovery we can grow wiser as we overcome the obstacles blocking our happiness and the sunshine on our faces. We may live and suffer from depression but there is hope, there is a road to recovery we just need to find the map to navigate us on the right path, we will grow away from the sorrow as our pain begins to heal, and we are already wiser because we are survivors!


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