Combating depression through a camera lens…….

For many years I have been an avid photographer. My passion for photography started many, many years ago when I was a little girl. My grandfather loved photography, and from an early age he used to visit our farm, and take me out for hours at a time teaching me photography, an appreciation between the camera and the beauty that can be captured, and made me feel like a princess posing before him.

What I have taken the most from these memories and experiences has been my connection between capturing beauty through a camera lens, and its influence on controlling my Black Dog.  Some may find this connection difficult to understand.  I guess I can best explain it by showing how photography can be a form of mediation, when the mere concentration of taking photographs can take you to another place where the concentration on what is to be photographed mediates the feelings and anxiety and depression.  Whilst temporary, the use of photography as a mediation outlet can be made routine so that a Black Dog can be tamed to obey.

I have found with time that when I am anxious or depressed, and need a break from these emotions, that with practice I can now picture looking through a camera lens no matter my location, and whether I have my camera or not.  It is doing this that brings relaxation, peace, and allows escape from my Black Dog.



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