Best things in life are free………

Nobody sees the hustle and bustle of a day to day life until you get away to the serenity of the bush. Where there’s the constant sound of the river running over the rapids, the quiet twitter of the birds, and the wonders of nature embed relaxation into your core.

It’s where kids get back to the grassroots of playing, away from iPods, mobile phones, internet, and online gaming. Instead finding endless hours of enjoyment from paddling in the river no matter what the temperature, where a pile of dirt and a tonka truck are just like Christmas, and where climbing a hill to play with sticks and stones is endless fun.

It’s finding the construct of friendliness between campers has more than a community feel. Where there’s no judgement, no my house is better than yours, everyone’s equal, and making people you don’t know feel at home is just human nature. When such simplicity is readily achieved you wonder how society became so individualised….where it’s rare to know your neighbours beyond the tentative wave…..

In the perfect world, the great outdoors, the peace, and the relaxation of being with nature is all the medicine a depressive needs when your surrounds provide you your own natural endorphins. Who needs medications, therapy, ECT when right at your back door are river, mountains, wildlife, and rainbows to brighten your day, and allow you to lose yourself in simplicity. When the sound of a river over the rapids is your own natural mediation to take away the tension, and the stressors put on us by the real world.

As a society we are now captured by mod cons that take the fun out of life, adding unnecessary burden to what should be an easy life, not shrouded by technology, more than a 9-5 day, where the simple thing of just buying food has become a burden. Any wonder the rates of depression are so high, when so many of us are so shrouded by emotion that there’s no longer a bright light, where the maze of life leaves us spinning in circles, trapped in pain of what normality has become.

It’s important for everyone to take our own natural remedies. Lose our Black Dogs in the countryside momentarily where relaxation is a plenty, and the best things are definitely free……


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